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podster's Journal: English Ivy English Ivy Beds contained by brick walk and patio.

  • Member: podster
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Vines / Groundcovers
  • Status: Unknown

Initial Notes:

Yes, another common one. I have this growing up a red oak tree which is surrounded by brick patio. I like seeing green in the dead of winter. If the dogs would help by not bedding in it. It also fills in bare ground in the side bed. I trim it twice a year to only let it grow so high on the tree and to keep it off the house.

Entries and Updates

  Oct 30, 2006  

Thumbnail of English Ivy

  Oct 30, 2006  
Side bed edged with Liriope and contained by brick...

Thumbnail of English Ivy

  Mar 19, 2007  
March 19th and fresh new growth on the English Ivy...

Thumbnail of English Ivy

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