DiOhio's Journal: Perilla, Beefsteak plant Perilla frutescens 'Atropurpurea' Lamiaceae Atropurpurea Dark purple EVERYWHERE !! Since 2002

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  • Category: Annuals: 2006
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Initial Notes:

Free?? from Linda??
Don't remember where I got this but it is invasive in my gardens now from reseeding itself.
Pulled much of it out in 2004 - gave some to Valerie.
Deadheaded a lot in 2004 so not as many next year. It literally came up everywhere but then I flung seeds everywhere in 2003 ! Shame on me.
Still pulling hundreds of this plant up in 2005.
I would love to make a large grove of this plant somewhere for the GOLDFINCHES. It is October 17 and the Goldfinches have been feasting on its seeds for over a week now. They pluck the leaves (or cause them to fall) and anytime I go outside there are at least 20 Goldfinches eating seeds from it.

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