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DiOhio's Journal: Redbud, Eastern, Judas-tree Cercis canadensis L. Leguminosae HOST PLANT FOR MANY MOTHS EVERYWHERE !

  • Member: DiOhio
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: HOST plants for MOTHS
  • Status: Established

Initial Notes:

Many wild Redbuds here in yard and wood's edge and all along the road frontage.
Beautiful display of pink blooms in early spring.
Very invasive in my yard, I pull up seedlings all the time and quite a few have become established in flowerbeds where I couldn't pull them out.
Very long taproot in even very young trees, hard to transplant.
I have transplanted new seedlings to the back yard wood's edge successfully.
HOST plant to many moths. The one little 12' tree in the front yard RIGHT side was host to a dozen different moth species in 2003 and not quite as many in 2004
Another favorite tree, pink blooms and heart-shaped leaves all year long.
Long pea-like seedpods in fall

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