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Initial Notes:

I acquired this plant today 1/28/2007 from Lowes. I saw it within the past month. Today I rescued it. It was planted in a pot with no drain hole. Sealed with rocks literally and drenched. The bottom leaves were dying. When I pulled one off I could feel the soil and it was soggy. The pot was incredibly heavy with water. Paid too much...
Brought it home and removed it from the pot. I am letting the plant dry some before I repot. Not in that pot unless I drill some holes. Incidentally, the roots had good color though there were few.

Entries and Updates

  Jan 28, 2007  
Notice one of the leaves is trying to pull away from the plant. This plant had more upright structure when I first saw it.

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  Feb 6, 2007  
...and I uprooted and decided to plant in a smaller pot with drain holes. To display, I put it in the original pot. No gravel mulch. I want to monitor the soil moisture. I have given no additional water. Even let it lay out of soil for 5 days before repotting. The white that shows around the rim of the pot is some of the glue that was used to hold the rocks in the pot. The one light colored stalk in the above photo was tearing loose. I have propped it in place with a small rubber ball but I know the leaf will eventually be lost. I was amazed at the water standing in the soil in the bottom of the pot. Truly saturated.

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  Feb 6, 2007  

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  Mar 24, 2007  
This is NOT good. On 3/23 I noticed rotting leaves and removed from pot to find few roots (rot?). Will leave out of pot and decide what course to take...

  Mar 26, 2007  
the plant does not seem to be rotting but has few roots. Will let it dry and decide a course of action.

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  Apr 6, 2007  
Thanks to this link... [[email protected]] I now have this aloe sitting in a clay pot of coarse sand with no moisture. Fingers X'd that it will root....

  May 7, 2007  
Still sitting in sand with no water. I find it has a few roots.

When I removed it to check roots, the sand around the roots was really moist. Coming from the Aloe I assume.

It also has lots of yellowing leaves around the base.

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  Sep 10, 2007  
this Aloe looks like it may actually survive. Still not watered it at all. The roots are solid. It is no longer a large plant. Loosing much of the plant from the base. I recently moved it to the porch in bright filtered light.

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  Dec 16, 2007  
Gasteraloe link ~ //www.jjcactus-succulents.net/images/Gasteraloe/Gasteraloe%20137.jpg
Possible identity?

  Oct 18, 2010  
This is crazy... it has grown longer and the lower leaves continue to die off.

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  Oct 25, 2010  
And today while moving it into the GH, I just had to know. I removed it from the pot and it had a good root system albeit a smaller pot. I removed the dead leaves and found some were totally hollow but still filled with air. There was no sign of rot at all and in fact new growth, possibly roots or plants under the dead leaves.

I opted to cut it off again and am letting it air dry and will try repotting again. It is a small shadow of what it was when I purchased it...

  Feb 6, 2012  
And here it is... ever so worth the trouble!

Little pot, well rooted, good top growth and no sign of rot.

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