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Joan's Journal: Painted Daisy Tanacetum coccineum South Flower Bed

  • Member: Joan
  • Journal: Joan's Garden Journal
  • Category: Perennial Flowers: Perennials for Sun: Medium (18" - 36"): Summer Bloom
  • Status: Growing in Garden

Initial Notes:

The tag on this plant was labeled "Painted Daisy - Robinson's Single - Pyrethrum Roseum

I guess we will just have to wait and see what it truly is.

I bought this plant from Bergman's Nursery in Bismarck in 2001.

The following information on Pyrethrum roseum courtesy of:

Scientific Name
Pyrethrum roseum = Chrysanthemum coccineum
Common Name

Perennial Flowers
Consumer Hort
Index - Fact Sheets


early summer
12-24 inches
USDA Hardiness Zone 3-7
Flower Color
white, pink, red with yellow center
well drained
partial shade to full sun
division early spring or fall, seed
North Carolina Regions
Mountains, Piedmont
Pyrethrum is also called "Painted daisy" for its bright flowers in shades of red and pink. It is the source of the organic insecticide, Pyrethrum, and the chemical model for synthetic pyrethroids used in most household bug sprays. Pyrethrum is not long lived in the garden, but can be started easily from seed to renew plantings.
Western Asia

The following information courtesy of:

Painted daisy (C. coccineum, also called Pyrethrum roseum) - a bushy perennial from two to three feet tall; feathery bright green leaves and single, daisy-like, long-stemmed flowers. Available in pink, red, and white. The white-flowered varieties are grown commercially, dried, and used as an insecticide. Blooms in late spring, and may reflower if cut back after first blooming.

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  Jul 3, 2004  

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  Jun 20, 2005  

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  Jun 20, 2005  

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