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Initial Notes:

Butch came to live at our house when Jessie bought him for $7.00. Actually she tells me that she paid the $7.00 for the cage and the rabbit was free. I can believe that. He came here in about May of 2001, and she hid him in the shelterbelt for a long while. (Son Jaden was also in on this conspiracy). She was going off to college and had nowhere to keep him, so Mama Me took him in and now both me and Hubby Dave love him. Jaden built him a bunny condominium in the spring of 2002. That was my Mother's Day present from Jaden and I am so happy to have it. Butch is now all tucked in and has room to hop. Butch loves Broccoli, carrots, his pellets, alfalfa hay, apples, and I've just discovered that he also loves basil leaves.

We have a leash for him and we take him out of his condominium and put him on his leash and he runs around and digs. I sometimes stake him on his leash where I'm working in the garden. He digs and has a great time.

Entries and Updates

  Aug 25, 2002  
He is such a sweetie!

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  Aug 26, 2002  
Butch doing what Butch does best...eating!!!!

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