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rntx22's Journal: Gymnocalycium Gymnocalycium stenopleurum La Porte, courtyard

  • Member: rntx22
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Cacti and succulents
  • Status: Unknown

Initial Notes:

Purchased for my b-day from the "Cactus King". Love it's lovely pink flowers and purple spine (my 2 favorite colors)

Entries and Updates

  May 15, 2007  

Thumbnail of Gymnocalycium

  May 15, 2007  

Thumbnail of Gymnocalycium

  May 15, 2008  
It's blooming again this year. Has been a really faithful bloomer each year

  Jul 30, 2008  
Has been blooming well, produced some fruits, and is blooming some more

  Aug 1, 2008  
How it looks now. Has been blooming all summer

Thumbnail of Gymnocalycium

  Dec 22, 2008  
Put in the greenhouse

  Apr 25, 2009  
It's blooming again!

  Apr 22, 2010  
The freeze turned it a nice purple color. Has not started to bloom yet

  May 3, 2010  
Blooming now

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