Kaelkitty's Journal: JFC0594 Notocactus horstii var. meugelianus

Initial Notes:

Purchased in mid 1980 as Notocactus horstii var. purpureus pf. muegelianus in a 6cm pot. NOTE: The Notocactus OInformation Exchange //www.mfaint.demon.co.uk/cactus/noto/alphalist.html#v online gives this info "muegelianus n.n. [HT] Note: Misspelling of mugelianus. mugelianus n.n. [HT] Note: Reduced to a form of horstii."

However IPNI gives Cactaceae Notocactus horstii F.Ritter f. muglianus K.Herm (NOTE the spelling!) This needs further investigation for a possible correction in Plant Files

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