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cedar18's Journal: Cosmos Antiquity Cosmos bipinnatus for South border and front landscape

  • Member: cedar18
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Seeds for 2009: Annuals
  • Status: Finished


  • On May 24, 2009, "Blooming began" occurred.

    Initial Notes:

    from Value Seeds; burgundy changing to bronze-salmon; 24" tall.
    3-4 wks. cover lightly. 70-75 F. 10 -15 days.

    Entries and Updates

      Mar 23, 2009  
    Sowed 12 cell pack. Heat mat.

      Mar 26, 2009  
    8 tiny sprouts; moved off heat mat.

      Apr 10, 2009  
    All 12 cells have plants, many have 2. Progressing well.

      Apr 21, 2009  
    Planted 7 in Barn Garden, South and 5 in front landscape near dying gardenia.

      May 24, 2009  
    First blooms today -- and in two locations: Barn/South and front along sidewalk. Only 15" tall, very pretty burgundy.

    Thumbnail of Cosmos

      Jun 28, 2009  
    The ones in the front along the sidewalk have died. I forgot to water them but they weren't happy anyway. The soil there is really an old driveway and it's too shady. Oh well.

    The plants in the Barn Garden are okay. Not sure I'll try them again though.

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