Kaelkitty's Journal: JFC0339 Stenocactus (Echinofossulocactus) rubispina ?

Initial Notes:

Acquired in a 8cm pot in 1978 as Echinofossulocactus rubispina. This name is completely invalid - no references anywhere I have been able to find, even under variant spellings and suffixes. A mystery! Repotted into a 11cm pot in November 1981. Flowered in 1979, 1980 and 1981. Died in the late 1980s from root rot in the winter.

Update to the mystery - I found a reference in IPNI:

Echinofossulocactus rubro-spinus Lawr.
Gard. Mag. & Reg. Rural Domest. Improv. 17: 318. 1841 [Jun 1841] 17: 318 1841
Original Data:
Notes: Hab.?

This would seem to be the intended name, but haw it came my way is still a mystery to be solved!

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