Kaelkitty's Journal: JFC0520 Stenocactus (Echinofossulocactus) crispatus (arrigens var. xiphacanthus)

Initial Notes:

One of my 1980 seedlings. Seed acquired as Echinofossulocactus xiphacanthus. According to Backeberg this name is obsolete (Ref: Backeb. Cactac. Handb. Kakteenk. v. 2776 (1961), in obs) but I have back-traced it to Echinocactus arrigens Link var. xiphacanthus Schelle, a species which is now itself subsumed into S. crispatus. Potted into a 6 cm pot in Spring 1980. Died in the late 1980s from root rot in the winter.
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