Kaelkitty's Journal: JFC0579 Echinocereus (Wilcoxia) poselgeri (australis)

Initial Notes:

Acquired in a 8cm pot in 1980 under the name Wilcoxia australis, a name with no apparent publication data. There is a reference in the Bradleya yearbook from 1989 "The form of this species in cultivation under the unpublished name 'Wilcoxia australis' is capable of producing flowers larger than stated in the monograph (Taylor 1985): to 8x8.2cm, pencarpel and tube to 3.6cm, perianth-segments to 44x10mm." Pictures online of plants under this name also seem to be of a darker pink flower than the usual W. poselgeri type. Died in the mid 1980s.
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