Kaelkitty's Journal: JFC0580 Rebutia (Aylostera) muscula

Initial Notes:

Acquired in a 8cm pot in 1980 under the name Aylostera muscula. Died in the mid 1980s. Replaced 2011/10/08 $4 ABC Carpark Caper: Hillside Herbs.

Entries and Updates

  Nov 16, 2012  
Displayed at the CSSSA meeting tonight. Won the monthly competition!

Notes I wrote for the occasion were:

Not to be confused with Rebutia minuscula (which has bright red flowers of a somewhat larger size) Aylostera muscula is an easy going cactus with great appeal. The plants grouped under the name "Aylostera" are distinguished from the Rebutia genus by having the style united with the floral tube for a considerable length. (In Rebutia the style is seperate from the tube and can be lifted freely from the tube all the way down to the base near where the seed pod will form.

Roughly from the 1970's until fairly recently Aylostera was considered only as a sub-genus of Rebutia, together with other frequently seperated groups such as Mediolobivia, Sulcorebutia and Weingartia. A 2011 study of the molecular genetics of this frequently re-arranged group however has upheld large genetic differences between these groups of plants, resulting in the re-establishment of Aylostera as a genus in it's own right. This is something which I personally, am quite happy about, as the larger version of "Rebutia" I feel was becoming somewhat unmanagable! The particular plant which I am displaying here came from Hillside Herbs on October 2011 and it has probably come close to doubling in size in the year that I have owned it!

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