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podster's Journal: Earth Star, Starfish Plant Black Mystic Cryptanthus bivittatus

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  Jan 9, 2012  
[[email protected]]
Bromeliad/Cryptanthsus "Black Mystic". This plant has the most spectacular leaves that I have ever seen. The 6-10" long horizontal black & silver striped leaves have a saw tooth edge. Very easy to grow, just pot or plant and keep in shade or dappled shady area. May be grown outdoors year round in frost free zones. Very unusual and striking. Insignificant red flower spikes come up in mid summer.

You are bidding on a mature plant similar to the one pictured growing in a 10" pot. More "pups" will come up from the roots, there are 3 rosettes on this plant. This plant is about 12 inches across and 10 inches high. I ship all my plants bare root

  Jan 9, 2012  
rec'd May 22, 08

Thumbnail of Earth Star, Starfish Plant

  Jan 9, 2012  
first blooms August 25th, 2008

Thumbnail of Earth Star, Starfish Plant

  Jan 14, 2012  
black mystic back from Nancy and getting color back in GH light.

Thumbnail of Earth Star, Starfish Plant

  Feb 6, 2012  

Thumbnail of Earth Star, Starfish Plant

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