DiOhio's Journal: Bamboo, Yellow Grove Phyllostachys aureosulcata Poaceae Front yard RIGHT of Dad's Memorial Garden and 'wild' area LEFT

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  • Category: Perennial B: Bamboo
  • Status: Established

Initial Notes:

Start mailed to my by 'Kricket' (Linda).
This is a hardy bamboo but should have extra winter protection. Pile pine branches on and around bamboo branches, and leaves, to protect. Leaves that are not protected will turn white and dry up, but just pull them off in spring and it seemed that all new grown appeared.
I burried a metal "barrrier" around this bamboo in 2003 but it is still sending up new shoots outside of the metal barrier.
Dig and move a clump that had reached into the hosta Mini Rockgarden to the front 'wild' area to the left of the driveway, far front where it is doing well.

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