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palmbob's Journal: A bel 2 - Aloe bellatula back planter 7

  • Member: palmbob
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Aloes
  • Status: planted in ground at new home

Initial Notes:

living in top of a strawberry pot with a bunch of other aloes... flowered in December a solitary small pink flower. Leaves brownish thin, speckled and have dinky whitish teeth. Nice delicate Aloe.

Entries and Updates

  Jul 31, 2005  

Thumbnail of A bel 2

  Jul 31, 2005  
flower 8-04

Thumbnail of A bel 2

  Feb 9, 2006  
Discovered this poor plant shrivled up in top of strawberry pot yesterday completely shaded by larger aloes and dirt was bone dry. YAnked it out and put in north end of planter 7 where it will recover, I hope.

Thumbnail of A bel 2

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