TucsonJen's Journal: Elephant Bush Portulacaria afra Front Porch

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Initial Notes:

Tallest is 1'
8" pot

Recommended Temperature Zone: sunset: 8,9,12-27 USDA: 10
Frost Tolerance: Hardy to 30F ( -1C)
Heat Tolerance: Can take full sun in summer in Phoenix
Sun Exposure: Any exposure
Origin: South Africa
Growth Habits: Small tree or succulent shrub to 12 feet tall
Watering Needs: Moderate to little water, very drought resistant
Propagation: Cuttings
Portulacaria afra is a good plant for the Phoenix area, you can grow it in pot with full sun part of the day in summer, water it every 2 weeks and it will look fine (of course it does better if you show more consideration).
Blooming Habits: The pink flowers are seldom seen outside the wild.

Entries and Updates

  Apr 23, 2005  
I'm trying to decide if it needs a bigger pot.

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