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Initial Notes:

Philodendron Showboat is similar to Xanadu, but with larger leaves and an overall larger stature. Showboat’ -- a compact landscape type similar to P. selloum, it is a sport of ‘Xanadu.’ Grows to about 4' tall and handles sun better than its sport parent. It grows more upright and the leaves also get larger, to about 18" tall under favorable conditions (shade, moisture, fertilizer). Like its parent, it seems to handle frost about like P. selloum, around 20°F or USDA zone 9/Sunset zone 15 and higher. Best with shade to part sun, regular watering and feeding, and at least average drainage. It will tolerate some dryness when established and always makes a great, compact outdoor container alternative to P. selloum. rev 8/02

Entries and Updates

  Apr 26, 2005  
Suffered some damage. Hope it will bounce back!

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