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palmbob's Journal: A ant ? Aloe antandroi maybe front west planter strip near street

  • Member: palmbob
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Aloes
  • Status: planted in ground at new home

Initial Notes:

got this small plant mail order, I think. Planted under shade of Euphorbia characias Tiger, and it shot a flower up in June through E leaves. Small, suckering pale pink-purple leaves with spots. Been there since at least march 05

Dug up Euphorbia that finally died and found this plant had grown and suckered quite a bit... super skinny leaves and lanky.. definitely NOT milottii... so changed name to antandroi x, since shape of one... just wrong color. Most still there in west planter, but one piece snapped off and moved to planter 12.3 today.

Entries and Updates

  Jul 29, 2005  
look before planting, March 05

Thumbnail of A ant ?

  Mar 13, 2006  

Thumbnail of A ant ?

  Sep 7, 2009  

Thumbnail of A ant ?

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