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palmbob's Journal: A sp SB Sparkling burgundy Aloe sp. front east strip

  • Member: palmbob
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Aloes
  • Status: planted in ground at new home

Initial Notes:

planted back in Jan 05, this 6" potted suckering specimen looked like it was half dead. Not a whole lot better today, but seems to respond to watering while this warm. Still most leaves a deep maroon.

Entries and Updates

  Oct 14, 2005  
was redder in the early summer, but here it is watered better in the fall (Oct 05)

Thumbnail of A sp SB

  Nov 14, 2005  
flowering first of December 05

  Mar 2, 2006  
Done flowering and looking more typically burgundy now in March 06... but for the necrotic leaf tips it would be a great looking plant.

Thumbnail of A sp SB

  Jun 22, 2006  
End May 06 still a bit on the red side.

Thumbnail of A sp SB

  Aug 30, 2006  
End of August starting to green up again.

Thumbnail of A sp SB

  Oct 9, 2006  

Thumbnail of A sp SB

  Feb 5, 2007  

Thumbnail of A sp SB

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