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palmbob's Journal: A juc 1 Aloe jucunda front planter steps

  • Member: palmbob
  • Journal: Default
  • Category: Aloes
  • Status: planted in ground at new home

Initial Notes:

Planted back in winter-spring 05, this one gets a lot more sun than the one in back, and gets sort of brown. STill, suckering nicely and looking happy in October

Entries and Updates

  Oct 18, 2005  
October 05

Thumbnail of A juc 1

  Feb 18, 2006  
flowering in feb 06

Thumbnail of A juc 1

  Sep 26, 2006  
Still flowering in Sept 06

Thumbnail of A juc 1

  Feb 12, 2007  
freeze damage

Thumbnail of A juc 1

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