palmbob's Journal: A capman 1 Aloe capmanambatoensis (sold as guilaumetii) back near planter 7

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  • Category: Aloes
  • Status: planted in ground at new home

Initial Notes:

Got today mail order. Put southeast end of planter 8 where it will eventually not got too much sun (bamboo nearby).... hope that's OK... guess I can move it then.

Moved to ground at corner of planter 7 when disassembled planter 8. Now growing at the foot of a Chamaedorea plumosa (moved late summer 08)

Entries and Updates

  Feb 8, 2006  

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  Mar 3, 2006  
sooon to be established in this planter (8)- the larger branch subsequently rotted later near end of March, but the smaller portion seems to be OK.

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  Oct 16, 2007  
Actually looks like it's gonna make it, finally

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  Dec 10, 2010  
planted at base of Chamaedorea plumosa last year, is already blooming this year... no leaf problems either!

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  Dec 24, 2012  

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