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AAA-Trading notes
Please note that any trade items marked Plants, or Roots, Tubers, Bulbs will not be available in the winter unless we have unusually warm weather. Cuttings of tender house plants are not available when there is freezing weather in Carson City, at your place, or in between. The postal service does not heat its trucks and the tender cuttings will not survive the trip. Seeds are available any time.
I am also interested in trading seeds and plants for fingering and lace weight yarns.
Plants, Roots, Tubers and Bulbs, Cuttings
Allium Species
Allium cepa var. proliferum

Topset bulbs available in August.
Plants, Roots, Tubers and Bulbs
Anthyllis Species
Anthyllis vulneraria var. coccinea
Armoracia Species
Armoracia rusticana
Roots, Tubers and Bulbs
Artemisia vulgaris
'Oriental Limelight' Plants, Cuttings
Asclepias Species
Asclepias fascicularis

Wild-collected from central Nevada.
Campanula Species
Campanula takesimana
Plants, Cuttings
Caryopteris Species
Caryopteris incana

Lost the tag for this one but it has lots of seeds so I don't think it's a sterile hybrid.
Water Sprite
Ceratopteris thalictroides
Curly Endive
Cichorium endivia
'Tres Fine Maraichere' Seeds
Clematis Species
Clematis ligusticifolia

Collected from wild plants in the Santa Rosa Mountains, north of Winnemucca, Nevada.
Coreopsis Species
Coreopsis tinctoria
Coriandrum Species
Coriandrum sativum
Delosperma Species
Delosperma cooperi
Plants, Cuttings
Delosperma Species
Delosperma nubigenum
Plants, Cuttings Image
Digitalis Species
Digitalis obscura
Seeds Image
Eschscholzia Species
Eschscholzia californica

I have the regular species type and a hybrid mix with ruffled petals in pink and red/orange.
Fritillaria Species
Fritillaria persica

Harvested July 2011.
Gaillardia Species
Gaillardia x grandiflora
Seeds, Plants
Helianthus Species
Helianthus tuberosus

These are harvested and ready to go (if we don't eat them all first!)
Roots, Tubers and Bulbs
Humulus lupulus

Small rooted divisions.
'Cascade' Plants, Cuttings
Ipomoea purpurea
'Milky Way' Seeds
Jasminum Species
Jasminum nudiflorum

Rooted or unrooted cuttings available when ground is not frozen.
Kalanchoe Species
Kalanchoe pinnata
Lactuca sativa
'Flashy Trout Back' Seeds
Lactuca sativa
'Lolla Rossa' Seeds
Lactuca sativa
'Red Deer Tongue' Seeds
Lactuca sativa
'Speckles' Seeds
Lycopersicon lycopersicum
'Legend' Seeds
Melissa Species
Melissa officinalis
Mentha Species
Mentha spicata
Roots, Tubers and Bulbs, Cuttings
Mentha suaveolens
'Variegata' Plants, Roots, Tubers and Bulbs, Cuttings
Chocolate Mint
Mentha x piperita f. citrata
'Chocolate' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs, Cuttings
Mentha x piperita f. citrata
'grapefruit' Plants, Roots, Tubers and Bulbs, Cuttings
Penstemon digitalis

Just harvested lots of seed pods (Sept 2007)
'Husker's Red' Seeds
Penstemon Species
Penstemon strictus
Physostegia virginiana
'Alba' Seeds

Plastica foamium
These are little packets made from foam sheets that can be used to mail small seeds in a regular envelope.
'Foam envies for mailing seeds' Seeds
Plectranthus Species
Plectranthus verticillatus

Unrooted cuttings available almost any time. I occasionally have extra rooted cuttings too.
Moss Rose
Portulaca grandiflora
'Double Mix' Seeds
Rudbeckia Species
Rudbeckia hirta

I have lots of seeds and many small plants available.
Seeds, Plants

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