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allium aloe
It is said that if this plant is plant near the door of a house the woman is in charge and the house is protected from lightning. In places where there are still thatched roofs, this plant is often planted to protect the house from bad luck It blooms white in the fall and has marvelous seed heads that look great in dried arrangements.
'House leek, lightning plpant' Plants Image

allium walking onion
I was gifted with these many years ago. I was told that these are Egyptian Walking Onions and the this was what the pyramid builder ate to give them strength.
What you will receive are the babies that form on top of the onions and weigh the plants down until they finally make contact with the soil.
'unknown' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

althea Rose of Sharon
This comes form a hardy tree that is now 18 years .
'Double blossomed violet with red center' Cuttings Image

Saponaria officianllias Bouncing Bet
First collected over 20 years ago this great gal of a plant has bloomed faithfully through two summers of drought. Not only a great plant but a useful one for insect to washing fine linen.PFPID:171
'wild' Seeds, Plants, Cuttings

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