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Plant NameCultivarTypeThumbnail

Allium tuberosum
Plenty of divisions available. Pretty white flowers. Once you have a clump set seed you'll have plenty for harvesting, they'll come up all over the garden. Good Eating!
'Garlic Chives' Plants Image

Beta vulgaris
'Beet Detroit Red' Seeds Image

Brassicaceae Raphanus
2-4" wide black on the outside crisp white flesh on the inside. A little bit of a bite to the taste. Stays crisp even at the end of the season. Overwinters well in the desert
'Black Spanish Radish' Seeds Image

Cowpea Vigna unguiculata
harvested summer 2011.
'Blue Goose - Crowder' Seeds Image

Echinacea pallida
'Pale Purple Echinacea' Plants Image

Echinacea paradoxa
Not available right now. Should be able to divide early winter 2015 - early 2016
'Yellow echinacea' Plants Image

Gaillardia blanket flower
red center, yellow and red petals. Self sows easily
'Blanket Flower' Seeds Image

Iridacea Iris Tall bearded
'Joyce Terry' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

Iris Tall Bearded
Lavender standards, deep blue falls
'Congratulations' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

Iris Tall Bearded
pale yellow standards purple falls
'Edith Wofford' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

Iris Tall Bearded
Rhizomes available summer 2017
'Sultan's Palace' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

Lilac Syringa vulgaris
Available for trade. Grows well in 8a high desert. Fragrant pale lilac blossoms in May here in Lancaster CA. Shoots can be dug as needed. 5 - 6ft tall. Spreads by putting up additional shoots. It's about 7 feet wide so far
'unknown' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

Loofa /luffa/sponge plant Cucurbita
Seeds Image

Lycoris radiata
also called Naked lady, Surprise Lily. Blooms in October here. Leaves grow from late winter through early summer then die back. Flower stalk comes up all of sudden. Surprise!
'Red Spider Lily' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

Marrubium vulgare
Available for trade - needs it own location isolated from foot traffic. Seed pods attach to you like velcro.
'white horehound' Seeds Image

Multiplier Onion or Potato Onion
Makes small 1-3" bulbs in clusters. Edible from green onion stage through maturity. They are small for chopping to cook with, but they just keep growing.
'white potato onion' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs
Ocimum americanum

Available for 2012.
'Lime' Seeds Image

Yellow flowers
'purple prickly pear' Plants, Cuttings Image

opuntia engelmannii
Pads or Seed pods. Roots easily
'Cow Tongue prickly pear cactus' Plants, Cuttings
Lima Bean
Phaseolus lunatus

Pole bean to 8' tall. 2-4 beans in a pod
'Hopi Yellow' Seeds Image

Punica Pomegranate
Available for trade - 6ft tall. Desert hardy. Large store size pomegranates ripen in August. Plant grown from a cutting bore fruit in 3 years
'unknown' Cuttings Image

Saponaria officinalis
Beautiful ground cover. Bright pink and white. Invasive through root growth. Can be divided any time. Needs a well drained evenly watered area. Enjoys full sun in the desert, so should work in most areas full sun
'Soapwort' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

roots easily - spreads easily. During flowering 12-15" tall. Low growing ground cover.
'Jenny stonecrop sedum' Cuttings Image

Thymus citriodorus
upright strongly scented thyme with lemon overtones. Will divide to trade so will need a few weeks to prepare the plant
'Lemon thyme' Plants Image

Tragopogon porrifolius
Spring 2014 seeds now available - Long white tap root that is said to smell like oysters. Tasty and firm cooked in soups and stews. Grows easily, reseeds easily. Leaves are edible as well added to your pot of greens
'Salsify or Oyster Plant' Seeds
Vigna unguiculata

Available fall 2012
'Whippoorwill' Seeds Image

Vitex agnus-castus
'Chaste Tree' Cuttings

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