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butterfly mix
The packet says butterfly mix.
Seeds Image
Calendula officinalis

These were given to me late 08 maybe october. The bag says marigold ASSF. I have no idea what they are. I will start them this year and see if I can match them to a breed. Untill then I have far more than I need. Anyone up for a superise??
'Antares Flashback' Seeds Image
Cosmos sulphureus

as close as I can tell this is the seeds I have. they bloom orange and yellow.
'Ladybird Dwarf' Seeds Image
Cucurbita pepo

burpee ford hook leftover seeds
'Agriset 843' Seeds Image
Impatiens Species
Impatiens walleriana

I believe these are the ones I have seed for. My neibour called me over to her home this year to look at a flower she called a "Touch me not". She then demastrated why they are called so by rubing a finger down a seed pod that exploded. They were growing in orange and pinks. Verry pretty.
Seeds Image
Lavandula angustifolia

leftover burpee seeds
'Lady' Seeds Image
Ocimum basilicum

leftover burpee
'Red Rubin' Seeds

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