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Plant NameCultivarTypeThumbnail

I would like to increase my collection of the hardy or half hardy hybrids. I have about five at the moment but I managed to jumble them up. So until next year I will not have any to trade.
'Headbourne Hybrids' Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image
Agave Species

I live in a Zn 8 with minimal rainfal and am looking for some hardy Agave. A few I would be interested in are: (and no seeds please)
Agave f. Fatal Attraction
Agave harvardiana
Agave ocahui
Agave parryi
Agave p. J.C. Raulston
Agave p. ssp huachucensis
Agave striata !!
Agave utahensis v. utahensis
Plants Image

Alstroemaria Alstroemaria
With a few exceptions I am not looking for aurantica's but for named hybrids such as ones I used to have. 'Harmony' 'Regina' to name two. Variegated etc. Generally these do not set seed, so divisions would be necessary.
Plants, Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

Corydalis Corydalis flexuosa
Corydalis flexuosa Blue Dragon, China Blue

Corydalis scouleri cultivars and corydalis solida
Plants Image

Delosperma dyrei
I have most of the Delosperma (Hardy Iceplant) but not this one, nor Delosperma ashtonii 'Blut' or sp. 'Lesotho Pink'

I would love to trade plants for any of these.
'Red Mountain' Plants
Gladiolus Species
Gladiolus tristis

S. African bulb that can make a great houseplant. Super fragrant. Many hybrids have come about, including a yellow one.
Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

I lost my collection of Hosta and I would trade like value for named cultivars. Fall would be best of course for both parties and I would ship via Priority male, Regional if on the West Coast or medium flat rate to the rest of the country.
'any hybrids' Plants
Species Iris
Iris tenax

I would love to recover these plants that I have lost.
Growing up in Santa Cruz, Watsonville I watched as these lovely's became popular. I would love any tenax, douglasiana hybrids. I will have to post an article I wrote many years ago.
Plants Image
Lewisia Species
Lewisia cotyledon

I have been propagating these guys and would like to get more colors. What I have is mostly in the pink, orange tones. I also have one large white and one yellow flowered form, no purples. I would like more of the above simply to increase the gene pool.
Seeds, Plants
Morella Species
Myrica californica

Small shipable plants are wanted.
Penstemon Species
Penstemon pinifolius

Many cultivars out there including a yellow, but I am looking for the compact red form. I am sure there are many other new cultivars I know nothing about.
Plants Image

primula rosea
I would like either the species Primula rosea or the cultivar Primula rosea 'Gigas'.

I would have plants to trade or seed.
''Gigas'' Seeds, Plants Image

Ranunculus Anemone nemerosa
I grow Anemone nemerosa alba plena, Anemone nemerosa bracteata.Anemone nemerosa blue.

But would like to trade (in summer or fall) for
A. ranunculoides (yellow)
Anemone nemerosa 'Vestal' (large white)
Plants Image
Rhodohypoxis baurii

I have the common pink variety. (deep rose), White, Reds or others would be greatly appreciated.
'Tetraploid White' Plants, Roots, Tubers and Bulbs Image

Sarracenia any
I have just gotten into carnivorous plants and have built four nice homes for them in my small greenhouses. I do not have any to trade myself but any NAMED Sundews, Sarracenia or Venus-fly traps Overwhelmed would I be if a Darlingtonia was offered.
'any hybrids' Plants Image

For some reason I became interested in bog plants. Venus fly traps, Pitcher plants, Sundew or bog orchids would be much desired.
Sassafras Species
Sassafras albidum

Small plants that are shipable would be appreciated. I ship all of my plants with priority mail and would welcome the same. If larger, they can be shippe regular mail when the season is fully dormant.
Plants Image
Epilobium Species

Zauschneria californica, arizonica, garettii, septentrionalis
californica, arizonica, garettii, septentrionalis

The Zauschneria I used to grow were ‘Calistoga’, ‘Rogers U.C. hybrid’, Z. cal. ‘Glasnevin’, Z. cal. latifolia, Z. californica and the following Z. sept. ‘Select Matthole’

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