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Image The star of my Pepto Garden!!! My fav LOL Frosty Pink! 
Image My 10 year old Brugmansia sanguinea - - a real beauty!  
Image A Charles Grimaldi Impostor!! 
Image My last caption............right now, I am trying to remember why it is said I have a pepto garden.................... LOL it is really a garden of gold!! 24 kt! 
Image Raining Charles Grimaldi flowers! 
Image My first flush of Charles Grimaldi!!!
Hey, every square inch of my land has a plant on it so I had to expand out to my driveway!! I assure you Charlie does not mind! 
Image Double white that blooms at least 5 differnt types of flowers on 1 bush!! My fav!!! (at least until I get my double pink and regain my crown for the QUEEN OF PINKS!!!!!!) 
Image My Logees Enchanted Double White.............NOT!!! 
Image Charlie again in another flush of heavy blooms!! 
Image Charlie so big now that his pot is solid roots.......... has to be watered twice a day!! But very happy as you can see! 
Image Charlie's son becomes the welcome brug at the front door! He almost left home for Iowa but Charlie said no!! 
Image Flouncy skirted double white!! 
Image another flush! 
Image Brugmansia sanguinea blooming in the heat........... suddenly the blooms turned yellow! 
Image Charlie showing off his blooms on top of blooms!!
Sunnyside up! 
Image Looks are deceiving, she has high cholesterol and is about to have a heart attack! 
Image My triple purple datura the week before it dropped dead!