Contest 2004

...a little fun and friendly competition among friends...

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  Winners of Best Overall  

1st Place with 17 votes:

From haighr: An old antique mirror sets the tone for the dahlias to admire themselves, the shells on the shelf came from one of our travels.

Contest winning picture by haighr

2nd Place with 11 votes:

From dispatcher1: This is a bench My DH and I made from an old coffee table and some salvaged "gingerbread" from a porch on a rental house.

Contest winning picture by dispatcher1

3rd Place with 9 votes:

From haighr: One of our woodworking projects was making the parrots for the bird/shade garden. The cage came from an antique shop and I added the hanging parrot inside. All the driftwood we brought from a trip to the bay.

Contest winning picture by haighr