1st Place with 78 points:

From Xaltd1: "Dahlia, "Rawhide"."

Contest picture by Xaltd1

2nd Place with 65 points:

From jmorth: "Gloriosa (w/ Hairstreak BF)"

Contest picture by jmorth

3rd Place with 51 points:

From neroli: "Blue Iris, stunning spring flowering bulb"

Contest picture by neroli

Runner Up with 48 points:

From martagon: "Fritallaria michailovskyi"

Contest picture by martagon

Runner Up with 41 points:

From saya: "Dahlia 'Pooh'... Isn't it funny....How a bear likes honey?...Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!"

Contest picture by saya

Runner Up with 38 points:

From holh2o: (No caption)

Contest picture by holh2o

Runner Up with 37 points:

From plexippus: "Albuca concordiana a South African bulb"

Contest picture by plexippus

Runner Up with 33 points:

From BeaHive: "This Dahlia is just beautiful. This picture reminds me of a watercolor painting. "

Contest picture by BeaHive

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