1st Place with 99 points:

From lakesidewb: (No caption)

Contest picture by lakesidewb

2nd Place with 98 points:

From ducbucln: "A new way to recycle old farm water tubs."

Contest picture by ducbucln

3rd Place with 92 points:

From morganc: "We filled this with Black Elephant Ears, Sweet Potato plants, both black and green, Coleus, and Grasses.....and called it Black Gold."

Contest picture by morganc

Runner Up with 70 points:

From ExplorinLauren: "Fairy's Garden"

Contest picture by ExplorinLauren

Runner Up with 69 points:

From devilsminion: "my modest little tropical container garden"

Contest picture by devilsminion

Runner Up with 64 points:

From Donna_Ann: "These Solena Begonias never stopped blooming and were absolutely carefree."

Contest picture by Donna_Ann

Runner Up with 54 points:

From JulieQ: "Flowers in a Minnesota yard, old wagon."

Contest picture by JulieQ

Runner Up with 43 points:

From thelovelyplants: "My rooftop succulent garden containing Agaves and Haworthias"

Contest picture by thelovelyplants

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