1st Place with 106 points:

From foliagefighter: "Done for the day. One of Ontario's beautiful Provincial parks."

2nd Place with 101 points:

From otis59: "A beautiful January sunset in northern Wisconsin. "

3rd Place with 98 points:

From rockgardenplants: "A stunning sunset reflected in Farmington Lake."

Runner Up with 75 points:

From ninisinna: "Sunsets after a Texas storm are breathtakingly beautiful. I could never resist going into my neighbor's pasture with my camera. This photo was taken after a March storm."

Runner Up with 60 points:

From susie77: "Aurora borealis at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska, 3/2012."

Runner Up with 49 points:

From morganc: "We loved how the sunset was reflected in our pool"

Runner Up with 44 points:

From TiaLee1: "Solar eclipse 2012 through the clouds"

Runner Up with 40 points:

From otis59: "Sunrise and fog over Rocky Run Creek in northern Wisconsin"

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