1st Place with 96 points:

From otis59: "These are not caterpillars, but Sawfly larvae. They feed communally on the edges of leaves and when disturbed hold on to the leaf with their front legs and wave their rear ends in the air."

2nd Place with 95 points:

From rosemctier: "bumblebee on butterfly bush"

3rd Place with 79 points:

From smallwonders: "Meadowhawk (Sympetrum sp.)"

Runner Up with 71 points:

From fmlyof5: "A Katydid caught hanging out on my Hosta"

Runner Up with 52 points:

From kinard: "lady bug on an yellow coneflower"

Runner Up with 50 points:

From mygardens: "June dragonfly"

Runner Up with 34 points:

From saya: "Along came a spider...."

Runner Up with 32 points:

From danmo: (No caption)

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