1st Place with 130 points:

From fmlyof5: "This is our blue Great Dane, Contessa. It was a hot summer in 2012, but this did not stop "Tessa" from spending the afternoon on her favorite spot - the trampoline. However, I chuckled when it appeared to me that she was keeping cool by fanning her lips."

2nd Place with 85 points:

From swinnes: "Begonias and grasses make up this giant caterpillar in the children's garden at a botanical garden in New York."

3rd Place with 69 points:

From gardenpom: "Cat using some friends for a lift."

Runner Up with 57 points:

From flfwrs: "frog in canna swirl"

Runner Up with 52 points:

From Jubilada: "Glass Pumpkins in Palo Alto, September, 2012."

Runner Up with 42 points:

From lorrizz: "Dewdrops on emerging Columbine leaves."

Runner Up with 41 points:

From parrotma32578: "TITLE: "You talkin' to me?" My husband thought it funny to place a rubber toy T-Rex in our pond. The frogs love to perch on it. Here is just one shot of a frog on the T-Rex."

Runner Up with 39 points:

From smallwonders: "Gray Treefrog (Hyla versicolor or Hyla chrysoscelis)"

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