1st Place with 43 points:

From jmorth: "Peruvian Daffodil (Hymenocallis)"

Contest picture by jmorth

2nd Place with 41 points:

From VA_Wild_Rose: "Kohleria 'Beltane' is a rhizomatous plant in the Gesneriad family that produces these unusual pink and green blooms!"

Contest picture by VA_Wild_Rose

3rd Place with 30 points:

From candlestick: "Beautiful pure blue spring crocus peeking through "

Contest picture by candlestick

Runner Up with 25 points:

From DaylilySLP: "Tulipa greigii 'Flowerdale'"

Contest picture by DaylilySLP

Runner Up with 24 points:

From DebinSC: (No caption)

Contest picture by DebinSC

Runner Up with 21 points:

From danmo: "This tulip is not only beautiful on the inside, the color combination is incredible"

Contest picture by danmo

Runner Up with 20 points:

From absinthe27: "'Penhill Dark Monarch' Dahlia"

Contest picture by absinthe27

Runner Up with 18 points:

From Hummingbird99: "Tall Bearded Iris"

Contest picture by Hummingbird99

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