1st Place with 51 points:

From sunkissed: "Oxalis Wood sorrel blooms in my garden"

2nd Place with 39 points:

From NancyAT: "A Dahlia in a friend's garden."

3rd Place with 36 points:

From DebinSC: "Variegated Gladiolus"

Runner Up with 34 points:

From mohitoxin: "Allium stipitatum (aka. A. hirtifolium) From the mountains of western Iran. The bulbs are shredded in yogurt and have a quite mild taste but the real beauty is seeing it in clumps, flowering along with the crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) in the wild..."

Runner Up with 33 points:

From francine38: "Peony"

Runner Up with 29 points:

From jmorth: "Awesome"

Runner Up with 28 points:

From Audrey: "Peony"

Runner Up with 28 points:

From jmorth: "Gloriosa greenii"

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