1st Place with 101 points:

From mmassar: "A beautiful wheelbarrow full of dahlias and million bells."

2nd Place with 88 points:

From sunkissed: "Colorful fall container"

3rd Place with 87 points:

From sunkissed: "Coleus container pot in my garden"

Runner Up with 53 points:

From kemboja70: "My recycled planters"

Runner Up with 51 points:

From Schpatze: "Industrially Neat"

Runner Up with 50 points:

From greenthumb99: "Frog Planter"

Runner Up with 40 points:

From Elijablue: (No caption)

Runner Up with 32 points:

From Terri1948: "Spotted at a flower show. I really must try this!!"

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