1st Place with 45 points:

From sunkissed: "Sunset reflection"

Contest picture by sunkissed

2nd Place with 36 points:

From avidreaders: "Spider photobombs Super Moon August, 2014."

Contest picture by avidreaders

3rd Place with 27 points:

From kjuddy: "Country Sunrise -peaceful serene and amazing"

Contest picture by kjuddy

Runner Up with 26 points:

From danmo: "Sunset over the rooftops"

Contest picture by danmo

Runner Up with 25 points:

From hikerpat: "Quite some time after the previous pic was taken, I felt the sunset just could not get any better. God continued to amaze and awe with His pallet of colors."

Contest picture by hikerpat

Runner Up with 24 points:

From bigcityal: "A popular sunset spot, you never know what you will see there."

Contest picture by bigcityal

Runner Up with 24 points:

From LGramlich: "Sunrise at Bayou Sauvage NWR, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA."

Contest picture by LGramlich

Runner Up with 23 points:

From avidreaders: "Sunrise over Oregon's Mt. Hood, taken from Camas,WA"

Contest picture by avidreaders

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