1st Place with 58 points:

From Resin: "Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis watching for fish, Northumberland, UK "

Contest picture by Resin

2nd Place with 52 points:

From laxmom2: "While on an airboat tour in Florida I took this picture. The sun made the pink of the feathers pop against the back drop of green."

Contest picture by laxmom2

3rd Place with 36 points:

From danmo: "This is "Little Larry", a juvenile Big Horned Owl. We have been hearing and watching owls, since February 2014. One day in August, Little Larry showed up and sat in our Jacaranda tree, every morning, for weeks. If you look closely, you can see his little smile"

Contest picture by danmo

Runner Up with 32 points:

From kjuddy: "This beautiful cardinal spent the whole day of icy weather watching carefully from my deck planter"

Contest picture by kjuddy

Runner Up with 31 points:

From sunkissed: "Reflections"

Contest picture by sunkissed

Runner Up with 29 points:

From avidreaders: "Peacock in full bloom."

Contest picture by avidreaders

Runner Up with 28 points:

From DebinSC: "Ruby-Throated Hummingbird visiting Milkweed"

Contest picture by DebinSC

Runner Up with 24 points:

From sunkissed: "Ibis fishing the surf"

Contest picture by sunkissed

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