1st Place with 83 points:

From CCBird: "Curiosity got the best of my little terrier when he spotted this locust in the flower bed. I wish I had been videoing as he was very surprised when the locust buzzed loudly and took flight."

Contest picture by CCBird

2nd Place with 63 points:

From keikee: "It's Tucker, my little garden buddy. He smells all the flowers."

Contest picture by keikee

3rd Place with 42 points:

From rteets: "Showing off their new name tags! Who knew it was so hard to get two dogs to sit together and look at the same thing for an instant?"

Contest picture by rteets

Runner Up with 30 points:

From gardenpom: "Kitty Gordon."

Contest picture by gardenpom

Runner Up with 27 points:

From PAgirl60: "Snooze Time ..."

Contest picture by PAgirl60

Runner Up with 27 points:

From jmorth: "Our new husky"

Contest picture by jmorth

Runner Up with 26 points:

From NancyAT: "Farming the old-fashioned way."

Contest picture by NancyAT

Runner Up with 25 points:

From greenthumb99: "Tastes like bird soup."

Contest picture by greenthumb99

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