1st Place with 96 points:

From oxdriftgardener: (No caption)

2nd Place with 85 points:

From oxdriftgardener: (No caption)

3rd Place with 72 points:

From tdvilla: "A living mosaic of colorful succulents growing in a patio container."

Runner Up with 66 points:

From CandicePow: "Pallet Garden"

Runner Up with 54 points:

From tdvilla: "Succulents display the colors of a rainbow in this group of deep blue bowls."

Runner Up with 34 points:

From poisondartfrog: "Orange Oversight"

Runner Up with 19 points:

From NancyGroutsis: "Tower Hill Botanic Garden"

Runner Up with 16 points:

From htop: "I move 3 containers of amaryllis to the front of one flowerbed to add colorful spring blooms. When the amaryllis are finished blooming, I move the containers to another flowerbed to add greenery."

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