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1st Place with 49 points:

From TNBEE: "Two very cold goldfinches in the ice storm."

Contest picture by TNBEE

2nd Place with 48 points:

From P_Edens: "Ash-throated flycatcher returning to nest box with food for the youngsters."

Contest picture by P_Edens

3rd Place with 28 points:

From critterologist: "WHAT???"

Contest picture by critterologist

Runner Up with 24 points:

From kathysmarksgard: "We have bluebirds now almost year around. This was taken at our home in Jefferson Maine this Fall."

Contest picture by kathysmarksgard

Runner Up with 22 points:

From kemboja70: "Young hummingbird"

Contest picture by kemboja70

Runner Up with 22 points:

From Schpatze: (No caption)

Contest picture by Schpatze

Runner Up with 21 points:

From isabel95: "Spied this turkey family through my front door sidelight."

Contest picture by isabel95

Runner Up with 21 points:

From Resin: "A pair of newly arrived Barn Swallows enjoying the spring sunshine. Northumberland, UK. "

Contest picture by Resin

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