1st Place with 55 points:

From PattiT: "Romanesco broccoli from Arcata Farmers Market"

Contest picture by PattiT

2nd Place with 45 points:

From Audrey: "chestnut"

Contest picture by Audrey

3rd Place with 32 points:

From KristiS: "Ripe banana pepper in raised strawbale garden."

Contest picture by KristiS

Runner Up with 26 points:

From Terri1948: "Veggies on a showbench."

Contest picture by Terri1948

Runner Up with 24 points:

From mike_warren: "American Beauty Berry. I use it as shade for my A/C condenser when grows out in the Summer; and it dies back in the Winter to allow more sun when needed. "

Contest picture by mike_warren

Runner Up with 22 points:

From adinamiti: (No caption)

Contest picture by adinamiti

Runner Up with 19 points:

From brendak654: "Cucumbers & dill - time to make pickles."

Contest picture by brendak654

Runner Up with 19 points:

From htop: "The cardoon (Cynara cardunculus), also called the artichoke thistle, are edible. The stems are eaten after being braised in cooking liquid. Cardoon leaf stalks, which resemble like giant celery stalks, can be served steamed or braised. They have an artichoke-like flavor but are a bit bitter. The flower pistils of the cardoon flower are used as a vegetable rennet in the making of some cheeses such as the Torta del Casar and the Torta de la Serena cheeses in Spain, or the azeitão cheese in Portugal. The stems are also traditionally served battered and fried in New Orleans. This plant has many other food uses."

Contest picture by htop

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