1st Place with 79 points:

From mike_warren: "Sunset on Church Creek at Johns Island, SC."

2nd Place with 63 points:

From sgitlin: "Sunset in the Philippines"

3rd Place with 46 points:

From Baynanno1: "Glorious Winter sunrise, photographed from my home at Denhams Beach on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia."

Runner Up with 31 points:

From Yahart53: "Iowa Sunset"

Runner Up with 18 points:

From palmbob: "Harvest Moon"

Runner Up with 17 points:

From Yahart53: "An Iowa sunset"

Runner Up with 16 points:

From sunkissed: "Sparkle sun "

Runner Up with 15 points:

From ecm44: "A cold, frosty, winter sunset over the Atlantic Ocean in Montauk, New York. "

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