1st Place with 48 points:

From sgitlin: "A Lilac Breasted Roller in Zimbabwe"

Contest picture by sgitlin

2nd Place with 40 points:

From MountainGreen: "We have heard them calling at night many times but on this morning, a Great Horned Owl flew right down and sat on our bridge post - a vision of haunting wild dignity and grace. "

Contest picture by MountainGreen

3rd Place with 36 points:

From allenthomasjr: "Meadowlark singing in spring snowstorm"

Contest picture by allenthomasjr

Runner Up with 29 points:

From kemboja70: "Hummingbird on dried Aloe Vera leaf"

Contest picture by kemboja70

Runner Up with 27 points:

From MountainGreen: "A curious Scrub Jay glances at my gardening activities from an apple tree. They are loud blue clowns and one family has learned to mimic the calls of hawks!"

Contest picture by MountainGreen

Runner Up with 25 points:

From PattiT: "A little hummer at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum"

Contest picture by PattiT

Runner Up with 21 points:

From allenthomasjr: "Blue Heron with a successful fishing trip"

Contest picture by allenthomasjr

Runner Up with 19 points:

From Ladyuna: "Two birds waiting for me to fill the feeder."

Contest picture by Ladyuna

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