1st Place with 106 points:

From oxdriftgardener: (No caption)

2nd Place with 68 points:

From oxdriftgardener: (No caption)

3rd Place with 19 points:

From adinamiti: "Patio garden."

Runner Up with 17 points:

From cytf: "My Cosy Patio for relaxing."

Runner Up with 16 points:

From rcv001: "Tomatoes on the Balcony afford a close up view of the of the beauty of the tomato. We love fried green tomatoes!"

Runner Up with 12 points:

From rteets: "It's Eden to us......"

Runner Up with 12 points:

From rcv001: "An insect's view of rain droplets on our Balcony tomatoes. Amazing and delicious!"

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