1st Place with 44 points:

From danmo: "Taffy a long haired Chihuahua keeping watch over the neigborhood"

2nd Place with 36 points:

From westcoastliving: "Better than velcro, my golden retriever has fur that attracts snowballs!"

3rd Place with 34 points:

From LWilliams63: (No caption)

Runner Up with 33 points:

From westcoastliving: "Puppy in Grandpa's wheelbarrow"

Runner Up with 31 points:

From rossdesigns: "My dog Sunny"

Runner Up with 20 points:

From TiaLee1: "Misty"

Runner Up with 17 points:

From Audrey: "kittens hiding in Japanese irises"

Runner Up with 16 points:

From HelloMissMary: "Just horsing around!"

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