1st Place with 41 points:

From westcoastliving: "Young racoons napping in a tree"

2nd Place with 33 points:

From oakpress: "Fledgling Northern Cardinal"

3rd Place with 32 points:

From sobeam: "Anole in lily."

Runner Up with 27 points:

From danmo: "Heads Up!!!! "

Runner Up with 24 points:

From sgitlin: "This is a Cownose Stingray, found mostly in the Pacific Ocean along the northwestern United States."

Runner Up with 21 points:

From C_A_Ivy: "Milkweed Tussock caterpillar looks like a toy made of strings"

Runner Up with 18 points:

From cpark: "What an implausible looking creature this young turkey is!"

Runner Up with 18 points:

From AnneFairfax: "Guess who won this standoff. The downy woodpecker, of course. "

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