1st Place with 47 points:

From YoYo1: "I made this Sunbonnet Sue quilt for my granddaughter. The fabrics were from some of her favorite outgrown clothes."

2nd Place with 35 points:

From patrob: "Made by my great grandmother about 100 years ago"

3rd Place with 31 points:

From YoYo1: "When my daughter was pregnant with my granddaughter, she insisted that she didn't want bunnies, kittens, puppies, ducks or teddy bears for her baby quilt, so I gave her dragons."

Runner Up with 26 points:

From patrob: "Made from flour sacks by my husband's mother about 1930 "

Runner Up with 13 points:

From Rise22: "Once you stand back from this quilt, the squares actually start to appear!"

Runner Up with 12 points:

From Rise22: "This quilt was made for a child's crib. It's fun making pixel quilts, and seeing them come out as a photograph!"

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