1st Place with 40 points:

From Nancyie: "I think itís a pretty way to get to the front door, although my husband thinks it looks like Candy Land :)"

2nd Place with 38 points:

From mygardens: "Cutleaf maple"

3rd Place with 35 points:

From Nancyie: (No caption)

Runner Up with 30 points:

From oxdriftgardener: "View out the backside of our pagoda"

Runner Up with 24 points:

From mygardens: "Garden of wildflowers - money plant and hawk weed"

Runner Up with 15 points:

From oxdriftgardener: "Birdhouse feature in our front yard. Climber is Mexican Firecracker Vine; a real hummingbird magnet"

Runner Up with 15 points:

From PAgirl60: "So peaceful ...."

Runner Up with 15 points:

From Jlthomas109: "Through the archway at the Governors Palace in Spring."

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